Since China’s National Day is approaching, we’d like to inform you that we’ll have a seven-day holiday from Oct. 1st to Oct. 7th (GMT+8) during which your question or email may not be replied immediately. However, quotation or orders can be submitted online as usual. 

In order not to get your manufacturing efficiency reduced, we strongly suggest you submit quotation or order in advance so that manufacturing can be done or started at least before our public holiday. We’ll be back at your service on Oct 8th.

For PCB orders, please kindly calculate the lead date before you place the order. Some orders cannot be finished before our holiday and will be delayed to October.


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PCBCart sets up a customer-friendly system for you to quote and order quickturn prototype circuit boards, mass production of custom PCBs, and turnkey genting casino rules service. Here, we will show you how to get bare board PCB fabrication price using this handy system within 2 - 3 steps. ,casino genting highland

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How to Get PCB Price Within Seconds | PCBCart

After successful registration, you'll be guided to Profile Modify page to supplement personal information including PC Board Fabrication Personal Options, Shipping Address and Billing Address. Surely you can add them when checkout, but a full modification in advance tends to save your time.

How to Get PCB Price Within Seconds | PCBCart

You can access to our PCB Calculators at Quote section on the navigation bar. As you move your cursor around Quote, you will find sub-items:
a. Standard PCB Quote
b. Prototype PCB Quote
c. genting casino rules Quote
d. Order Help. This section offers resources including PCB pre-order checklist, instruction for getting bare board PCB / genting casino rules quote, PCB panels purchase tutorial, reorder guidance, tips to create a qualified BOM, Payment & Shipping terms of PCBCart, and how to design your PCBs to better take advantage of PCBCart's custom PCB manufacturing capabilities.
e. FAQ. Find answers to commonly asked questions covering Bare board PCB Ordering, Stencil Ordering, genting casino rules Ordering, PCB Design File Demands, PCB Lead time and other online PCB order terms.

How to Get PCB Price Within Seconds | PCBCart

Before quoting for your custom PCBs, it is important that you choose the right calculator according to your PCB production requirements. ,e-sport betting daftar percuma

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Our Standard PCB Calculator allows you to get production price of advanced printed circuit boards within seconds. Input Part Number(this term is made up by yourself to distinguish this PCB from others. You can use the project's name as the part number), Layers, Board types, Board size, etc., PCB price will show in the right column automatically. The more detailed the information you provide, the more accurate price you'll get.

How to Get PCB Price Within Seconds | PCBCart

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ladbrokes, If you're looking for prototype circuit boards in less than 100 units, our Prototype PCB service is a perfect choice. Enter Prototype PCB quote page, fill in your circuit spec, the PCB prototyping price will show up at once.

How to Get PCB Price Within Seconds | PCBCart

Note: We offer different PCB manufacturing technique on Standard PCB and Prototype services. Following articles help you decide which service to use.
PCB Prototype & Standard PCB Manufacturing Services Comparison
When to use PCB Prototype Service and when to switch to Standard PCB Service

If you are happy with the PCB price, click ADD TO CART button to add the item into Shipping Cart. If there're multiple items within your cart, please select the specific item you want and click Proceed to Checkout button.

How to Get PCB Price Within Seconds | PCBCart

Shortly you will be guided to Order Confirmation page where you can select payment method and deliver method, upload PCB design files, (fill in coupon code if there is any). Once all necessary options are carried out, please click SUBMIT ORDER button to place the order and checkout.

How to Get PCB Price Within Seconds | PCBCart

If you choose to order PCBs with Paypal, you will be redirected to Paypal page to issue payment. If you pay PCB order with wire transfer, you'll get our bank info after submitting the order.

For orders submitted under our Standard PCB Service, Free DFM Check will be carried out on your PCB design file after your order payment is received. If there is any question on your file or order, we'll be in touch. Production begins only after we confirmed your files are correct for manufacturing.

Still have questions about online PCB Quoting or Ordering? Feel free to reach us here. We'll reply at once.

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